Thursday, September 22, 2005

…with the " youth plosion " taking place around the world, the late 1960’s finds young people creating exciting new trends in the arts and music. Fresh new sounds from electric guitars, swinging organs, indian sitars and all sorts of percussion instruments and electronic sounds, to create the moods of beat and psychedelia…

The cover with the paintfull coloured girl.I bought this LP in Rölzheim (Germany), on a flew market.I did'nt know it before i saw this wonderfull cover. I was curious to hear my found, credited by the 101 Strings,The Petards, and The Spots. Recorded maybe between 1969 and 1971 (there's no year credit) on the german "Europa" label, you will find some tracks too "kitch", but there are few gems on this LP between pure " garage rock " titles, especially " Karma sitar ", a real & pure psychedelic hit performed by the 101 Strings.

The vinyl quality is average & was ripped @ 192 Kb

Love Is Blue (Europa)

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01. love is blue
02. killer Joe à gogo
03. blues for the guru
04. that’s my honeybee
05. karma sitar
06. kings road rock
07. it’s up to you
08. yes, oh yes

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09. lady Madonna
10. strings for Ravi
11. i just want to tell you
12. San Francisco sun
13. Headin’ home
14. Guantanamera
15. I’m still in love with you
16. Love is all around

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