Monday, December 19, 2005

Beware ! You have to be informed that this record is for some people inaudible. But for freaks, here are the last whispers of a dying vinyl ! Because i bought it on a flea market. The sound quality is not so good, you will hear a lot of « burning » noises. The worst ever posted on Sounds Of Champaign, but this is a pure Ero-exotica record ! If you really like it, then you will forget the crackles… Just listen to « Laure » and then you will find that Air or another present french pop groups are not far away…A lot of gems to hear, between exotica, erotica and easy-listening. Now is winter, and this help to maintain a tropical temperature ! A reissue of this LP where higly appreciated !

© 1977 Music For Pleasure
2 M 026-18240

Face 1:

01. JeT'aime...Moi Non Plus
02. Kiss
03. Emmanuelle
04. La Prima Volta
05. Je Fais L'Amour

Face 2:

01. Femmes
02. My Eroscope
03. Emmanuelle 2 (L'Antivierge)
04. Laure
05. Histoire d'O


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So, I'm late about my new vinyl post. As i said, a lot to do. But i'm working on it since yesterday. I just have to transform all tracks into mp3 format, scan the covers and send the full record on RS tonight. It's snowing here since this morning, a real winter atmosphere. But the next record should resolves any temperature problems ! just a clue : some tracks played by "Les Vibrations". Wait & See...

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Friday, December 16, 2005
So maybe it’s not the right place to ask about a personnal request, because Sounds Of Champaign is especially made for " past vinyls " and assorted. But, since years, i like other kinds of music. I grew up, as teenager, in the 80’s. And i was allways listening to 4AD, Beggars Banquet or Factory records…So, today, i’m happy to have a lot of originals records from that time. Few years later, i became a huge fan of a band called " Seefeel ". Have all records from them, half on original LP’s, half on original CD’s…except Ch-Vox (on Rephlex records). I bought " Quique ", an double-LP, in 1993 and was suddenly addicted. Especially by the track called " filter dub ". If anybody has " Quique " as CD, and the track " filter dub (low pass remix) " version. Let me know ! It’s so hard to find today…This would be my only request to Santa Claus this year ! ! Thanks to all

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Here are 2 singles from Nino Ferrer, a hit maker hating the music business during the 60's. Influenced by R'n'B, his work was oriented like a self-made man. An outsider inside the music industry...

Like Dr. Jekyll & Mister Hyde (not the Serge Gainsbourg song) he made music for people, but was, usually, unsatisfied by his own production. Two faces...The first one with "Le Telefon" a pure sixties gem, and the other one with"Le Sud", a pure 70's arrengment and a big hit. "Le Telefon" EP came from my Grand Father, this is the reason that the sound is better to hear. But, i found "Le Sud" on a flea market, so popular, that you can hear fire crackles on the way !

I recommand you the full LP called NINO & RADIAH - Le Sud, recorded in 1973 at the Trident Studio in England. One of his best sound...Unfortunatly he commited suicide in August 1998...


Nino Ferrer
Le Telefon [EP-45t]
© 1967 Riviera 231.257 M

Face 1

A1. Le Telefon
A2. Je Cherche Une Petite Fille

Face 2

B1. Madame Robert
B2. Le Millionnaire


Nino Ferrer
Le Sud [45t]
© 1975 CBS 2928

Face 1

A. Le Sud

Face 2

B. The Garden


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Monday, December 12, 2005
Yep, just wait enough to enjoy some new stuff. I'm very busy last days. A lot to do outside my web activity, cause Christmas is calling to me... So i think i'll take a break soon, each day there is something new to discover all around the blogs and other places. I dont want to be a web addict!
But in the next 48 hours, two originals french 7" singles will be avalaible on Sounds Of Champaign. A work, at this moment, easier for me than to digitalize a double-LP ! And before the end of this week, a new LP will be avalaible too...

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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Never miss a Jimmy Smith record, especially this one, full of jazz grooves gems, where Oliver Nelson's arrangements supports Jimmy Smith's smooth organ. Recorded in 1968 on Verve, this is a luxury melting pot of a crossover between Lalo Schifrin and Burt Bacharach alchemies. You'll find terrific bass loops and lush orchestrations all along these 9 tracks. This LP oppened with a brilliant cover of the "mission impossible" theme, followed by be-bops incursions, the mainstream is jazz and the background groove. This is a must Have !

Jimmy Smith - Livin' It Up!
arranged and conducted by Oliver Nelson
© 1968 Verve (V6-8750)

Side One:

01. Mission Impossible
02. Refractions
03. The Gentle Rain
04. Burning Spear
05. Go Away Little Girl

Side Two:

01. Livin' It Up
02. This Nearly Was Mine
03. Big Boss Man
04. Valley Of The Dolls


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Friday, December 02, 2005
If anyone has an answer about suddenly diseappering of some blogs, replaced sometimes, by pseudo-porn lookalike blogs. Maybe they want informations, informations, informations...
Sharks on the web, it could be possible ? Did you think that they like some sounds & music ?
Who are they ? number One ? I prefer to be number 6, just to say, we are to be carefull about that kind of perversity...

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