Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It seems that since some months The Wolfgang Press are more « modal » than ever ! I saw some blogs posting good stuff from them & others that i like a lot. But my question is, as a numbered man … strange, i try to post that i’ve not seen elsewhere on other blogs and then, and then, it came out so spontaneously on the blogosphere. Yeah, why not, this area is made to share… If my shadow can help, why not … God thanks, i’ve no ego trip. Just look a the few comments on this blog. But what is realy share ? To communicate, to like something, to take time leave a comment ? Wah ! The world we’re living today ! The Wolfgang Press are very nice guys, i made an interview with them in 1995, Mike Allen especially of course, i recorded it on my poor tape and was never released… I was like a teenager meeting his favourit band (like a Beatles fan interwieving the Beatles ! ! !). So, here is a 12 inch that i bought at the right time, and i remember to have made some « parties » with this in 1990 !
If you’re realy interrested about more informations, you know where. Cause that all they want, are informations, informations… But i’m not only a number, and not especially the number 6…
The Wolfgang Press " Raintime" (12’’)
© 1989 4AD – BAD 907
Side One
A. Raintime (remix)
Side Two
B1. Bottom Drawer (remix)
B2. Slowtime
ripped & encoded @ 256 kbps + artwork
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be seeing you !
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Tuesday, May 15, 2007
So, here are 2 another A.R Kane’s 12’’. The first one " Listen Up " ! under the ARK pseudo, sounds more like a collapsing sampling party. Alike a " pump up the volume " excercise. A little bit poor maybe, but it was in 1988. Sorry about some " jumps " at the beginning of both tracks. The second one " Love-Sick " more as what we know from the band, close in sounds and textures to the " 69 " album, it was also the same period. Except " Green Hazed Daze " (avalaible on the " Americana " compilation) all tracks are unavalaible & were never officialy reissued. I wished, i had a better sound & hope that it’ll be avalaible again…

ARK (A.R Kane) " Listen Up ! " (12’’)
© 1988 Rough Trade – RTT 229

Side A :

- Listen Up! (Quasar Mix)

Side AA :

- Listen Up! (Pulsar Mix)

A.R Kane " Love-Sick " (12’’)
© 1988 Rough Trade – RTT 231

Side One :

- Green Hazed Daze
- Sperm Travels Like Juggernaut

Side Two :
- Is This Is?
- Is This Dub?

ripped & encoded @ 256 kbps + artwork
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bee seeing you !

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