Thursday, September 29, 2005

...was born in Rome on July 21st 1917. He took his diploma at the Academy of Santa Cecilia in Rome and he began to make a name for himself, immediatly after the war, as an important jazz musician.

About 1953, he began an interesting career as composer; arranger and conductor of film soundtracks,with considerable results, both technically and artistically speaking. Beat Records is very proud to present in this second volume of the series "collectors' Releases" the music from the film "L'URLO DEI GIGANTI" composed and conducted by Trovaioli in 1969. This musical score of exceptional interest, that is a precise witness to all of the great work carried out and developped by Travaioli for the Italian cinema industry.

At this point we must citee some of the important moments of Trovaioli's music, that is : "La Ciociara" (1960: Vittori De Sica) "Italiani Brava Gente" (1964: De Santis) "Sette Uomini D'Oro" (1965: Marco Vicario) "Matrimonio all'Italiana" (194: Vittorio De Sica yet again) together with many, many other great successes, but in order to familiarize oneself with Trovaioli's music all you need is to listen to this record and discover the enormous quantity of emotions, feelings and human values that exists in each and every one of us and also in Travaioli's music which punctually live and re-lives every time you listen to it.

Armando Travaioli and his music: an iseparable couple, formed by many secret undefinable sensations, that represent, at the same time the man and the artist, and in a highly significant way, they illustrate the multiple aspects, all of great interest, of film soundtrack music in Italy. A true message, that is, as true as it's author because Armando Trovaioli has been, and still is much more than a composer, just an arranger and just a conductor because the secret of his music comes from the most simple and human emotions, live in all of us, and the orchestra is only a magical kaleidoscope of light and shade that Trovaioli uses to demonstrate something of real and precious value...

Original Liner Notes by ROBERTO ZAMORI (© 1978 Beat Records)

Great stuff for DJ's and highly recommanded for sampling activities !

Armando Trovaioli "L'URLO DEI GIGANTI" [DELETED]
(© 1978 Beat Records Company - CR 2 serie blu collectors' releases)

Lato A:

01. Marcia dei Giganti
02. Postazione d'Attesa
03. Verso l'Obiettivo
04. Marcia dei Giganti (versione triste)
05. Marcia dei Giganti (rievocativa, epica)
06. Truppe Nemiche

Lato B:

07. Marcia dei Giganti (versione lenta)
08. Dopo la Battaglia
09. Agguato
10. Marcia dei Giganti
11. Marcia dei Giganti
12. Suspence e Marcia
13. Marcia dei Giganti (finale)

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005
Tonight i will work on Armando Trovaioli's "l'urlo dei giganti" OST, a movie made by Léon Klimovsky feat. Jack Palance, John Gramack & Andrea Bosic. In german titled "panzerschlacht an der Marne" !! This movie came out in 1968, but, i've never see it... or i can't remember...And hope to bring tomorrow this full LP on the right way...Because, because : I missed the time, between working @ home on 2 PC's configuration and my own work...I had a dream, i had more time...

I've decided to delete all links from past shares after One month since the publication; but in the future too...Just enough time to load Serge Gainsbourg & John Barry's work until October the 13th,

And now the next 31 weeks...maybe not definitly, but programmed to be on Sounds Of Champaign...

Vol.3 musique pour Radio-TV CBS records SPR 85 FR 1974

Vol.4 musique pour Radio-TV CBS records SPR 86 FR 1974

Vol.8 CBS records SPR 97 FR 1975

Vol.23 florilège de la musique contemporaine tchécoslovaque CBS records APR 23 FR 1978

Vol.24 florilège de la musique contemporaine tchécoslovaque CBS records APR 24 FR 1978

Exotic dreams - les sons exotiques d'Arthur Lyman Barclay 0920.311T FR 19??

The world is full of love (Quadrophonie SQ) BASF records 20 22380-9 GER 1974

Cinémas français MFP 5498 FR 19??

Classics in percussion Verve / Barclay BB 47 FR 19??

dancing in phase 4 Decca PFSD 1.150B FR 19??

Musique pour…journal parlé et télévisé (2LP) Ed. Montparnasse 2000 MP01/MP02 FR 1969

Nove cento - OST - RCA records TBL1 1221 IT 1976

Volume 2 - provocative percussion Command records 2 C 064.93289 FR 1960

EROTICA Erotica MFP 2M-026-18240 FR 1977

A.D.V n° 39 Pathé Marconi / EMI 2 C062-11988 FR 1972

TV themes MFP 2MO 46 95686 FR 1974

Goldfinger - OST - United Artists records 1C 054-97 303 GER 1964

Jaws 2 - OST - MCA records MCA-3045 US 1978

Hammond pops 1 Telefunken 6.21032 GER 1967

Hammond pops 8 Telefunken SLE 14 675-P GER 1972

(2LP) Polydor 2664 146 FR 19??

Eastern journey JW Music Library JW 432 UK 1967

I like sexy sax Primaphon PMR 3532 GER 19??

O.K Chicago (2LP) Scirocco 48 504/48 505 FR 1975

Mexico ! (phase 4) Decca PFS 4027 FR 1963

Versions originales (3LP Boxset) Polygram 824 987-1 FR 197?

splendeurs de la phase 4 Decca PFSD 1151/52 FR 19??

The discothèque sound MFP 2MO 46 13169 FR 1974

Synthesis 2 Télé Music TM 3082 FR 1980

(2LP) Polydor 2664 109 FR 19??

The drum suite RCA records 430.254 FR 19??

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

…with the " youth plosion " taking place around the world, the late 1960’s finds young people creating exciting new trends in the arts and music. Fresh new sounds from electric guitars, swinging organs, indian sitars and all sorts of percussion instruments and electronic sounds, to create the moods of beat and psychedelia…

The cover with the paintfull coloured girl.I bought this LP in Rölzheim (Germany), on a flew market.I did'nt know it before i saw this wonderfull cover. I was curious to hear my found, credited by the 101 Strings,The Petards, and The Spots. Recorded maybe between 1969 and 1971 (there's no year credit) on the german "Europa" label, you will find some tracks too "kitch", but there are few gems on this LP between pure " garage rock " titles, especially " Karma sitar ", a real & pure psychedelic hit performed by the 101 Strings.

The vinyl quality is average & was ripped @ 192 Kb

Love Is Blue (Europa)

Seite 1 : [DELETED]

01. love is blue
02. killer Joe à gogo
03. blues for the guru
04. that’s my honeybee
05. karma sitar
06. kings road rock
07. it’s up to you
08. yes, oh yes

Seite 2 : [DELETED]

09. lady Madonna
10. strings for Ravi
11. i just want to tell you
12. San Francisco sun
13. Headin’ home
14. Guantanamera
15. I’m still in love with you
16. Love is all around

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005
Désolé tout d’abord pour les anglophones, car ici je rédigerai en français – la langue de Molière, que je maîtrise encore le mieux – l’expression de mon plus profond regret et mécontentement quand à la nature même de l’évolution informatique et du web…Il est, en effet, communément admis qu’au travail on ne doit pas aller sur Internet en dehors de sites ayant une filiation " naturelle " avec la nature même dudit travail. Soit, il existe donc des filtres installés au niveaux des serveurs réseaux afin d’empêcher l’internaute-travailleur ou le travailleur-internaute ( c’est selon ) non vertueux de pouvoir accéder à des sites X ou autres dans le même esprit tordu…Mais voilà, avant chaque passage à niveau, il est bien souvent inscris " un train peut en cacher un autre ".

On pourra toujours commander à La Redoute, s’échanger des E-mails, consulter la Fnac, Air France, Total, TF1 ou Le site du 1er Ministre, mais pas voir sa vidéo ( et oui, pas de RealPlayer installé et installable sur un PC WinXP, c’est pour dire, même pas le droit de changer d’heure soit même, tellement la bécane est paramétrée ). Voilà donc que ces fameux " filtres " s’attaquent également aux moyens de communications et d’échanges d’informations, un peu comme si, sous prétexte d’une vague d’attentats, l’armée resserrerait l’étaux sur le reste de la société civile… Scénario noir, pour une réalité qui se trouve déjà à nos portes…et qui va également finir par régir sur le net…

Il en va de même pour ce blog, Il me sera difficile, je pense, de pouvoir " l’alimenter " depuis mon lieux de travail – ayant une connexion modem 56K à la maison - ; alors que somme toute, il ne s’agit là que de quelques clics de souris…Ne me reste plus qu’à adhérer à une connexion haut débit @ home afin de pouvoir continuer mes activités que je qualifie volontiers de " culturelles ".

Le " village " a donc ses limites, peut importe où l’on va, on aura toujours les " boules " - blanches - pour nous rattraper dans notre désir de liberté…
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Tuesday, September 20, 2005
SO, i hope to have a regular rythm to restore a vinyl each week,
a lot of works you know ! but very interresting too...

here's a preview about the next two others LP's, and if you reconize it,
don't miss them again...

in project, a full listing of the next vinylshares who have
to come on Sounds Of Champaign...

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du John Barry E.P, et pour répondre à la question !!!
le titre libéllé originellement "meeting with Grantby and fight",
le 8ème titre donc, n'est autre que le "Ipcress File (main theme)"
de la même Bande Originale du film...

D'où la correction ! car à mon sens, c'est le titre que je préfère sur
cette B.O et c'est pour ça qu'il figure sur cette compilation made
by Champaign...

Bonjour Chez Vous !
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Friday, September 16, 2005
about John Barry's 8 tracks EP from last week.

track number 8, the last one, entitled "meeting with Grantby and fight"
is wrong. in fact, it's the main theme from "Ipcress File" called
"Ipcress File (Main Theme)"

So, milles excuses, here is it, from the original Decca vinyl...

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

meets James Bond with this full original LP from 1973. A friend of mine found it on a flew market in France. We knowned "you only live twice" on a nice flavored 2 CD’s compilation made by the italian label IRMA and called "the morning side of love". Very hard to find in France too, i saw it for 30 Euros on the web! Thanx God of Vinyls, we are lucky enough to find some of them for 1 Euro...So; this is my first Champaign vinyl resurection work, established since the 192 Kb !!! Enjoy Franck Pourcel et son Grand Orchestre...

FRANCK POURCEL & Son Grand Orchestre
" Thèmes Originaux James Bond 007 " ( © 1973 Pathé Marconi / EMI ) [DELETED]

Face 1 :

01. vivre et laisser mourir ( live and let die )
02. les diamants sont éternels ( diamonds are forever )
03. opération tonerre ( thunderball )
04. goldfinger
05. on ne vit que deux fois ( you only live twice )

Face 2 :

06. au service secret de sa majesté ( on her majesty's secret service )
07. 007 - du film "bon baisers de Russie"
08. the James Bond theme
09. mister kiss kiss bang bang - du film "opération tonerre"
10. bons baisers de Russie ( from Russia with love )

A detail for my friend MarcoDisco, i think that "you only live a twice" on this LP is not exactly the same than the IRMA "the morning side of love" version. Anyone knows that ? Or have informations about ?

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

and his best work for movies soundtracks during the late 60's. Associated with Michel Colombier, Jean-Claude Vannier or Alain Goraguer. Don't miss the groovy beat of "requiem pour un con", the main theme of "le Pacha". very hard to find on vinyl today, so enjoy this 8 tracks compilation made by Champaign Records.
LE PACHA & more Serge Gainsbourg Themes [DELETED]
01. requiem pour un con
02. psychasténie
03. cadavres en séries
04. new délire
05. breakdown suite
06. la horse
07. wake me at five
08. scène de bal 1
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the "goldfinger" of soundtracks. He made a lot of James Bond OST. But at the begining of the 70's, he was working at his own pop sound. You'll find here another kind of his music, moogy, poppy, typically pop combo, additioned by strings & cymbalums...all tracks are sharing the same sound than "the persuaders" theme. My favourit period of Barry's work.

Made by Champaign Records especially for your hears, enjoy it!

THE PERSUADERS & more John Barry Themes [DELETED]

01. the persuaders
02. the adventurer
03. this way Mary
04. Orson Welle's great mysteries
05. boom!
06. the whisperers
07. Lolita
08. meeting with Grantby and fight

Be Seing You !
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