Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Here is the first take of A.R Kane on ‘One Little Indian’ before the rest, just before their rising into the stratosphere of 4AD and the following pump up … A testimony of their roots, at that time, a time of noises and lushes. A wreck of sounds and collapsed music … Not easy, because in the 80’s there was not a lot of informations about anything, tracks & order, an awesome 12’’ without any tracklisting … Just drag the future …

Just enjoy the last track « So Far Away » announcing the future to a « Cocteaulized » label.

A.R Kane - When You’re Sad
© 1986 One Little Indian - 002TP 12

Side A :

01- When You’re Sad (Long Version)

Side B :

01- When You’re Sad
02- So Far Away

ripped & encoded in 256 kbps + artwork.
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Be Seeing You !
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