Monday, January 30, 2006
Here are re-posts of old cancelled stuff,
check out the archives about details,

Serge Gainsbourg "Le Pacha & more Serge Gainsbourg themes"

John Barry "The Persuaders & more John Barry themes"

Franck Pourcel & Son Grand Orchestre "Themes originaux James Bond 007"

Armando Trovaioli "L'urlo dei giganti - OST"

VA "Love is blue"

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Here is my first « exercise » and self-made compilation recorded especially for Sounds Of Champaign. Usually, i post only original vinyls, i know. But this time, i had the idea to create my own comp including my favorite titles. I’m sure, the majority among you knows the following tracks…Just remains to you to find which films they are ! I tried this due to the several audio sources that i’ve at my homebase. A majority of soundtracks, of course, due to the thematic…I took a great pleasure to make this recording, the mirror of what i like…Your comments are welcome, let me know if you enjoy it, if it’s positive, then i’ll try to record volume 2 the next months…

Thrill To The Sensational
Sounds Of Champaign’s
MOVIE GROOVES -volume 1-
© 2006 Champaign Records

01. SOUNDS ORCHESTRAL kissy suzuki
02. JOHN BARRY fancy dance
03. WILFRED JOSEPHS helicopter escape bid
04. JERRY GOLDSMITH escape from the planet of the apes (edit)
05. MICHEL COLOMBIER poursuite rythmée
06. ROY BUDD the thief / thief on prowl
07. DAVID SHIRE mini manhunt / end titles
08. LALO SCHIFRIN dirty harry
09. ENNIO MORRICONE tema per le goff
10. JOHN BARRY 007 and counting
12. ANDRE PREVIN executive party
13. PAUL BONNEAU tropical forest
14. HENRY MANCINI teen age hostage
15. ALAIN GORAGUER strip tease
16. JACQUES LOUSSIER ballet rouge
17. ALAN TEW & BULLET the peterman


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Monday, January 16, 2006

So i'm back with my very first love, a too rare John Barry soundtrack called "The Whisperers". Never seen the movie of course, what does my TV satellite set ?
Near my state of mind now, maybe. A sad, minimalist and powerfull soundtrack...Near my faith and near my music... No flea market for this LP, i found it on a vinyl trade convention a long time ago. Happilly not too expensive. But what a surprise as i came back at home, to listen to that kind of "sad-o-romantic" atmosphere ! Enjoy, yes, enjoy the mood of the whisperers...

John Barry
The Whisperers
© 1967 United Artists - UAL 4161
Mono Issue

Side One:

01. Main Title - The Whisperers
02. Sticks And Stones
03. The Three Attackers
04. Nobody And Nothing
05. Nobody And Nothing Jazz

Side Two:

01. The Letter
02. The Razor Attack
03. We Danced Home Again
04. You're On Your Own Again
05. Are You There ? - End Title - The Whisperers


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Friday, January 13, 2006


I have to confess that i'm not a specialist of Enoch Light, this is my unique LP of him. But i saw last years a lot of blogs sharing his work. Of course, i downloaded all...And i discovered that i was more hooked by The Brass Menagerie Ensemble...Until this day, i've never seen this LP on other blogs or "sharewares" places.

I found this LP, like many others on Sounds Of Champaign, on a flea market. I was fascinated by the artwork, coincidence or not, as a primary Bauhaus fan (the band) then the movment. Josef Albers taught at the famous Bauhaus school from 1923 until 1933 ( year of the end of anything in germany ) and designed the sleeve. But be back on Enoch & the Light Brigade (not for a war) just for pure Command sounds...And it was a sort of "command" from my friend MarcoDisco, he is a specialist as well, thanks man for every sound ! So, this is just to complete Tam Tam & Melodie's work with my very few contribution. Sorry guys about my bad artwork scans, yeah! my first gatefold sleeve, bad enough but a lot to read about some technical appreciations to record good music. Never Enough from Light !!!! So hard to try a kind of writed english humor, with my native german/french mind ! Just enjoy this original vinyl...without to be numbered...

Enoch Light & The Light Brigade
Provocative Percussion - Volume 2
© 1960 Command Records
French Issue [Pathé Marconi-2 C064 93289]

Side 1:

01. Hernando's Hideaway
02. Speak To Me Of love-Cha Cha
03. Matilda
04. Good Night Sweetheart-Cha Cha
05. What Is This Thing Called Love
06. Lady Is A Tramp

Side 2:

01. Speak Low
02. I've Got A Right To Sing The Blues
03. Mack The Knife
04. Temptation
05. The Natives Are Restless Tonight
06. Foggy Day Cha Cha


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Friday, January 06, 2006

Love can never die, especially that song, beautiful etheral pop gem.A french woman in the country of the yankees, so, she brings a kind of french touch in the U.S music industry. A pop voice accompagned by the brilliant work of arranger & producer Nick De Caro.Unhappy in her private life during the late 70's, she's now since last years appreciated by meany popsters & japanese pop-lovers...I came on the idea to share this LP ( found again on a flea market ) after seeing a topic about her on fillessourires blogspot's.I had a reminescence to hear Claudine again. What a charm in her way to sing! You're right Claudine, Love can never die...

Claudine Longet
Run Wild, Run Free
© 1970 A&M Records SP 4232

Side One:

01. Everybody's Talkin'
02. Lazy Summer Night
03. Little Man
04. A Bushel And A Peck
05. Love Can Never Die

Side Two:

01. Something
02. Don't Remind Me Now Of Time
03. Golden Slumbers
04. Run Wild, Run Free
05. This Changing World
06. Thank You Baby

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