Thursday, February 23, 2006

Rather than to spend 165 euros ! keep your money and enjoy this original LP recorded as an « library » funky set. You can consider this as an RKM production (Roland Kluger Music), a belgian record company…Featuring original members from « El Chicles », Sluzny and Ralph Benatar, and produced by Roland Kluger too ; this LP delivers a « fistful » of breaks, basslines & heavy groovy sounds from 1974. Once again, a must for every funkymen & funkywomen…Fortunately, this record was given to me for years, and until now I was unaware of his interest ! But ask to Spacedebris or Whoops, i’m sure, they have more informations about. So, now this is for you, enjoy…

The Sumo’s
Kung Fu
© 1974 Vega 16.324-Y

Side 1 :

01. Kung Fu Fighting
02. Warning
03. My Chenese Girl Likes Kung Fu Fighting
04. At Close Range
05. Nana Kung Fu Song
06. Kung Fu Is Dead (Turtle Soup)

Side 2 :

01. Everybody Needs Someone To Love
02. Kunky People
03. Do What You Wanna Do…(alright ?)
04. Young Kungs’s
05. Brother


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Tuesday, February 21, 2006
Don’t miss this ; my favourit record of André Popp. An LP titled " Le Cœur en Fête " from 1972. Great, very great music. Includes a peak titled " Pour celui qui viendra ". No reissue for this kind of jewel ? Incredible ! I repeat…Don’t miss this,

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Friday, February 17, 2006

The funiest record ever on Sounds Of Champaign, after a request, i decided to ripp "Tchip Tchip". Here is it now, full of funny-moogs, carnavalesque with "Tchip Tchip" aka the french title "La Danse Des Canards", enlightments with "Solitaire" and pop tunes with "Sweet Rosalia" ( my fave track ) . Some good breaks, and enough good themes but sometimes inequal. Maybe to keep with a copy of "Pop-Corn". So be fun and then everything is allright !

The Discotheque Sound
Tchip Tchip
© 1974 mfp 2M046-13169

Face 1:

01. Tchip Tchip
02. Rockin' Roll Baby
03. To Be Or Not To Be
04. Solitaire
05. Tiger Feet
06. Land Of Love

Face 2:

01. Teenage Rampage
02. Cherie Sha La La
03. Sweet Rosalia
04. You Won't Find Another Fool Like Me
05. Who Needs Money
06. John's Nice


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Now i'm still angry against, always down... It doesn't work again, like last week. It's a recurent problem by them. Sometime i can't believe that we're living in the 21the Century... I'm searching about an alternative, i want to leave because it happens to meany times... And of course, no prevents and no informations about this corrupted service. If anyone has ideas or tips about an alternative to, i'll be ready to read any suggestions... Blogger is maybe free, but what a piece of shit !
Very tired & feed up from this...

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Friday, February 10, 2006
I give you a clue, look attentively at this page, then click on the right link, update your french & then enjoy everything as a cultural background...

So, here is the answer : Sounds Of Champaign [Side-C]

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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Here is an obscure and rare to find 2LP set featuring a lot of wha-whas, moogs, hammonds and heavy basslines, would be said that’s cut for any dancefloors but looks more like a journey through pieces of funk, disco, proto-experimental songs and some really kitsch titles. Resonance & The Peppers, two different projects inside just one. A pseudonym behind the title tracks ( BACSON ), in fact Pierre BAChelet + Mat CamiSON, nothing to do and no comparaison with Bachelet’s later work during the 80’s in France ! ( top variety performer ). And then let us not forget Pierre Alain Dahan, a composer and musician impossible to avoid, very prolific and most involved into library and illustration musics ( Telemusic etc…). This is the link between « Editions Musicales Sforzando ». So, this is maybe a groovy part of the 70’s french funk scene. A hard work this time, because 2 vinyls needs more time to be ripped than 1, isn’t it ?…Hope you enjoy it for what it is !

« …OK, so this isn't the only way that this cracking dancefloor chase theme is available. You can find it on LP, and on a UK issue on Bradleys. It was even a minor hit at the time, used as a jingle on several UK and continental radio stations. Featured on several recent French funk compilations, it's a tight wah funker, with gunshots, overdubs, screeching tires and more. Dancefloor dynamite!… ». © ( review about the 7’inch single ).

O.K Chicago (2LP) Scirocco 48 504/48 505 FR 1975


Face A :

01. OK Chicago
02. Rock Extra
03. Safari Love
04. Latin Pop Sound
05. Auto Moto Rallye
06. Pacific Rock

Face B :

01. Yellow Train
02. Carmel Beach
03. Moto Rock
04. Leon’s Club
05. Super Bluesy


Face A :

01. Pepper Box
02. Dr Music
03. Roses For Mary
04. Do It, Do It
05. Blue Ballade
06. Pinch Of Salt

Face B :

01. Hot Caramel
02. Oh ! Oh ! I Am Goin Home
03. Double Signature
04. Velvet Moon
05. Au Revoir


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