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Bauhaus, a quiet band discribed as "gothic". Not really in my own opinion. This gave me the opportunity to ripp my LP of their concert played in 1982 in Milano. This is the way to listen them live, with the energy of a powerfull rock. Punk but deep in sounds and tensions. Peter Murphy as a charismatic singer supported by Dany Ash (guitar), David J. (bass) and his brother Kevin Haskins (drums). Bauhaus is a unique experience, multi-influenced by several kind of "roots". Not gothic but very inspired. This LP is a 400 Limited Edition bootleg and was pressed by the german Geebo Geebo records " company ". So, enjoy them live !

Bauhaus Live in Milano (3.5.1982)
Odissea 2001Geebo Geebo P.E.M.B 01

Side A :

A1 Double Dare
A2 In The Flat Field
A3 Silent Hedges
A4 In Fear Of Fear
A5 Of Lilies And Remains
A6 Rose Garden Funeral Of Sores

Side B :

B1 Sanity Assassin
B2 Terror Couple Kill Colonel
B3 Spirit
B4 Kick In The Eye
B5 Hollow Hills
B6 Stigmata Martyr

Ripped & encoded @ 256 kbps + artwork
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At 11:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

FUCK the new blogger version !!!!

do not allows any access on my own blog in the comments...

not modern, just a diktat...

number 06


At 6:06 AM, Anonymous felix leiter

Another winner No.6.
I'd have to agree with you, the gothic tag is such a lame, simplistic way to describe this band. They are more of an 'art'-damaged band similar to Iggy Pop, early Eno and Bowie, Velvet Undergound etc. That plus you can hear influences of dub and Can as well.
Goths ruin everything, they latch onto any band that has a black wardrobe or a little bit of makeup or has morbid words in their name (i.e. Dead Can Dance)
Speaking of which i read in an interview with DCD once where Brendan said he hated being associated with Goths, and that his band was more historical/world music and that the only reason why they clinged to them was because of their name.
Many other bands have built lame follwings as well, Joy Division being another example of a completley misunderstood band. What makes this frustrating is the fact that you cant have a serious music conversation about those bands with people as they are quickly dismissed because of their audience.
As I mentioned above, anything with a little eyeliner can be goth, The Cure have been making shitty pop music on par with teeny bopper music since the late 80's, yet the doom and gloom crowd somehow stil find 'Why Can't I be You' to qualify as 'haunting'

Sorry, rant over, just had to get this of my chest and got excited to see that someone else can see past Bauhaus' core philistines.


At 1:44 PM, Blogger number06

Hi Felix,

Seems that you're from the few visitors to this blog. Thanks.
I agree about what you've writed. A question of "stamps" ? As earlier teenager i was a lot
involved in black things ( clothes, design & all sort ) until a day i found this very stupid.
So, i was wearing baskets, blue jeans & white T-shirts to approach some "goths". Then they
were surprised about my "culture" about this music and wearing this kind of clothes !!
Then i understood that i were more interrested by the music, more than a fashion phenomene...
"Goths" sayed that they don't want to look like anyone, but, there was an army of people looking
like every one in black ! This is maybe the reason that the music was "stamped" like this...
When i listen to Joy Division today, i think it's Rock ! Maybe forget the Roll, but real Rock !!
So, Bauhaus, Joy Division, The Cure are rock bands from the early 80's. Just not reconize
at their time & terms like that. Dead Can Dance sounds "goth" in their name, but Brendan Perry was more
influenced by Syd Barrett, Scott Walker & ... Frank Sinatra !


At 9:34 PM, Blogger Vlasis

the link is not working


At 11:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

Check out this recording ..
The Passion of lovers live in Livorno 1982