Tuesday, December 19, 2006

…Just following the previous steps, this is the original 12 inch that came out in 1983 but this time covered by Ivo’s project , This Mortal Coïl. In fact, a meeting between several artists on the 4AD label. If i’m right, it seems that only two tracks are avalaible again through cd reissues, and i think that « Sixteen (Reprise) » is just avalaible here, on that vinyl. Maybe i’m wrong, so comments are here … After two decades, anecdotik i think !

This Mortal Coïl - Sixteen Days-Gathering Dust 12 ‘’
© 1983 4AD-BAD310

Side A :

A. Sixteen Days - Gathering Dust

Side B :

B1. Song To The Siren
B2. Sixteen Days (Reprise)

Line Up :

Michael Conroy : Bass (Modern English)
Elizabeth Frazer : Voice (Coteau Twins)
Robin Guthrie : Guitar (Cocteau Twins)
Gary Mc Dowell : Guitar (Modern English)
Gordon Sharp : Voice (Cindytalk)
Martyn Young : Keyboards (Colourbox)

Ripped & encoded @ 256 kbps + artwork
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Be Seeing You !
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At 6:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

This is fantastic. Thanks so much for putting this up. The sixteen Days-Gathering Dust side has never been out on CD as far as I know. I've had the vinyl for many years and what a treat to be able to put on CD. Could I make a request? The 7" version of It'll End In Tears? I would love to get that. Thanks again.


At 4:01 PM, Blogger number06

Hi Anonymous,

Sorry, i don't own this "masterpiece". But like you i'm pretty curious about the 7" version of "It'll End In Tears"...


At 11:38 PM, Blogger Michael

Song To The Siren is just so beautiful. Fantastic.


At 3:07 AM, Blogger s o l e p o w e r

could you repost OK Chicago please... It has been deleted from the rapidshare.de network.

With all the great feedback i've been reading I am dying to get a listen at this!!!



At 1:55 PM, Blogger number06

solepower see here


Be Seeing You !


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4AD, in an iTunes exclusive, released an EP called Full Of Dust And Guitars in 2006. It featured the following:

1. This Mortal Coil
16 Days / Gathering Dust
Pump Up The Volume (remix)
3. His Name Is Alive
One Year (Minotaur Shock remix)
4. The Wolfgang Press
Going South (@440 mix)
5. Rachel Goswell
Coastline (Ulrich Schnaus vocal mix)

Here is the pristine and encoded from the master tape version of the TMC track:



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It appears this file has been deleted.Could,you,please,re-upload it.That would be much appreciated.
Many thanks in advance.