Thursday, October 12, 2006

So, here we are. And here are the youg men from the 80’s. I came on the idea to share some records from this period (1980-1990). At this time i was a lot involved in purchasing wave’s & indie records. As teenager i was convainced by bands like Cure, Joy Division, Bauhaus … Everything what was on 4AD or Factory … No cd’s avalaible during this decade, just a few at the end of the 80’s with bonus tracks that not appears on vinyl issues … Just to « promote » this new « media ». So, i’ve decided to reactivate the original Sounds Of Champaign blogspot’s and to change it to Wave’s Of Champaign cause the new musical way & direction that i’ll be delivered here. I’ll try to share rare & collectable vinyls from that period, sometimes very expensive to buy today. Maybe cd’s sometimes, when not easy avalaible … I just want « promote » records from the 80’s, as i was a teenager, also to say that the 80’s were not only a bad musical decade as many people thought !

Presage(s) is the first « compilation » recorded by 4AD in 1980, a 12 inch featuring the few bands hosted by the label. As i was ripping this, i listened to Modern English’s « home » title (the best track on this comp in my opinion) and thought : oh ! it’s an other version, so slow ! ! but i played the vinyl since Side One at 33rpm, and haven’t realize that usually it runs at 45rpm ! ! …So, a bizarre mix of punk, rock, noises and «valuables » voices ! Not the best from 4AD, but an undubitous curiosity , just for the anecdote …

Various Artists : Presage(s)
© 1980 4AD - bad11

Side 1 :

01. Psychotik Tanks - security idiots
02. The Last Dance - malignant love
03. C.V.O - sargaso sea

Side 2 :

01. Psychotik Tanks - let’s have a party
02. Modern English - home
03. Spasmodic Caress - hit the dead
04. Red Atkins - hunk of the punk

ripped in 256 kbps + artwork
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Be Seeing You !
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Milles Mercis pour ces raretés 4AD et bonjour chez vous !


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Merci bondurant2001 ... du 4AD "Out Of Print" il y en aura encore à l'avenir ... Bonjour Chez Vous!


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Could you,please,repost it.Unfortunately it has been deleted...