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Involved with Wire’s crue ( Bruce Gilbert & Graham Lewis ) in the late 70’s. Angela Conway ( Marias ) explored new and unusuals approaches to this record. ‘Just Talk’ is a minimalist and repeated process of guitars loops. Echoing with a minimal strings synthesizer. The whole covered by Angela’s sweet and floating voice. It reminds me some ‘electronica’ pieces from the early 90’s. A subtly mix of hypnotic waves and etheral backgrounds. The vocal title was reissued on ‘One Of Our Girls (has gone missing)’ album, in 1989.

A.C. Marias - Just Talk
© 1986 Mute Records Ltd.
12 MUTE 50

Side A :

A. Just Talk

Side B :

B. Just Talk (No Talk Instrumental)

Engineer - John Fryer
Producer - Bruce Gilbert
Written By - Bruce Gilbert

Ripped & encoded @ 256 kbps + artwork
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