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Before Rob Deacon was the instiguator of the famous « Volume » series, he was, in the mid 80’s, involved in the « Abstract Magazine » project. So far i know, there was just only 2 exclusive compilation that were pressed, number 5 and … number 6 (!). The principle was to propose exclusive and specifically recorded tracks for these compilation. Here is a panel from some bands who were active in 1985 plus an unlisted secret track recorded by In The Nursery. But if more informations needed, i’ve included the complete magazine in this post.

Included with Issue 5 (Spring 1985) of Abstract Magazine
Includes 20 page magazine with extensive interviews with each artist

Side A :

A1 TEST DEPT. Fuel Foundation Of The Nation (live)
A2 THE WOLFGANG PRESS Fire Eater (remix)
A3 400 BLOWS Fire And Water (recorded specifically)
A4 SWANS Sealed In Skin (recorded specifically)
A5 CINDYTALK Playtime (recorded specifically)

Side B :

B1 COLOURBOX Manic (remix)
B2 GENE LOVES JEZEBEL Flame (proposed rejected single)
B3 AND ALSO THE TREES Maps In Her Wrists And Arms (recorded specifically)
B4 NYAM NYAM This Is The Place (demo)
B5 THE JAZZ BUTCHER Leaving It Up To You (live)

*uncredited track

ripped & encoded @ 256 kbps + artwork
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