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...was born in Rome on July 21st 1917. He took his diploma at the Academy of Santa Cecilia in Rome and he began to make a name for himself, immediatly after the war, as an important jazz musician.

About 1953, he began an interesting career as composer; arranger and conductor of film soundtracks,with considerable results, both technically and artistically speaking. Beat Records is very proud to present in this second volume of the series "collectors' Releases" the music from the film "L'URLO DEI GIGANTI" composed and conducted by Trovaioli in 1969. This musical score of exceptional interest, that is a precise witness to all of the great work carried out and developped by Travaioli for the Italian cinema industry.

At this point we must citee some of the important moments of Trovaioli's music, that is : "La Ciociara" (1960: Vittori De Sica) "Italiani Brava Gente" (1964: De Santis) "Sette Uomini D'Oro" (1965: Marco Vicario) "Matrimonio all'Italiana" (194: Vittorio De Sica yet again) together with many, many other great successes, but in order to familiarize oneself with Trovaioli's music all you need is to listen to this record and discover the enormous quantity of emotions, feelings and human values that exists in each and every one of us and also in Travaioli's music which punctually live and re-lives every time you listen to it.

Armando Travaioli and his music: an iseparable couple, formed by many secret undefinable sensations, that represent, at the same time the man and the artist, and in a highly significant way, they illustrate the multiple aspects, all of great interest, of film soundtrack music in Italy. A true message, that is, as true as it's author because Armando Trovaioli has been, and still is much more than a composer, just an arranger and just a conductor because the secret of his music comes from the most simple and human emotions, live in all of us, and the orchestra is only a magical kaleidoscope of light and shade that Trovaioli uses to demonstrate something of real and precious value...

Original Liner Notes by ROBERTO ZAMORI (© 1978 Beat Records)

Great stuff for DJ's and highly recommanded for sampling activities !

Armando Trovaioli "L'URLO DEI GIGANTI" [DELETED]
(© 1978 Beat Records Company - CR 2 serie blu collectors' releases)

Lato A:

01. Marcia dei Giganti
02. Postazione d'Attesa
03. Verso l'Obiettivo
04. Marcia dei Giganti (versione triste)
05. Marcia dei Giganti (rievocativa, epica)
06. Truppe Nemiche

Lato B:

07. Marcia dei Giganti (versione lenta)
08. Dopo la Battaglia
09. Agguato
10. Marcia dei Giganti
11. Marcia dei Giganti
12. Suspence e Marcia
13. Marcia dei Giganti (finale)

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Grand merci pource Travaioli, monsieur le champenois.
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