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I have to confess that i'm not a specialist of Enoch Light, this is my unique LP of him. But i saw last years a lot of blogs sharing his work. Of course, i downloaded all...And i discovered that i was more hooked by The Brass Menagerie Ensemble...Until this day, i've never seen this LP on other blogs or "sharewares" places.

I found this LP, like many others on Sounds Of Champaign, on a flea market. I was fascinated by the artwork, coincidence or not, as a primary Bauhaus fan (the band) then the movment. Josef Albers taught at the famous Bauhaus school from 1923 until 1933 ( year of the end of anything in germany ) and designed the sleeve. But be back on Enoch & the Light Brigade (not for a war) just for pure Command sounds...And it was a sort of "command" from my friend MarcoDisco, he is a specialist as well, thanks man for every sound ! So, this is just to complete Tam Tam & Melodie's work with my very few contribution. Sorry guys about my bad artwork scans, yeah! my first gatefold sleeve, bad enough but a lot to read about some technical appreciations to record good music. Never Enough from Light !!!! So hard to try a kind of writed english humor, with my native german/french mind ! Just enjoy this original vinyl...without to be numbered...

Enoch Light & The Light Brigade
Provocative Percussion - Volume 2
© 1960 Command Records
French Issue [Pathé Marconi-2 C064 93289]

Side 1:

01. Hernando's Hideaway
02. Speak To Me Of love-Cha Cha
03. Matilda
04. Good Night Sweetheart-Cha Cha
05. What Is This Thing Called Love
06. Lady Is A Tramp

Side 2:

01. Speak Low
02. I've Got A Right To Sing The Blues
03. Mack The Knife
04. Temptation
05. The Natives Are Restless Tonight
06. Foggy Day Cha Cha


Be Seing You !
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At 11:32 PM, Anonymous MarcoDisco




At 12:50 AM, Blogger QQF resident

Same here. Many thanks. I've found some really good lounge / groove albums on blogs lately - with brass. This is another one :)


At 1:50 AM, Anonymous NIKO de TamTam & Melodie

Tout spécialement à Number06 et à MarcoDisco.
On continue et on se complète.
Débouchons une bonne bouteille.
Trinquons à la Musique.



At 5:51 AM, Blogger P-E Fronning

Thanks a lot! I still think I like the cover a little more than the great music! ;)


At 3:19 PM, Blogger Paul F.

Thanks so much for this one...