Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Here are 2 singles from Nino Ferrer, a hit maker hating the music business during the 60's. Influenced by R'n'B, his work was oriented like a self-made man. An outsider inside the music industry...

Like Dr. Jekyll & Mister Hyde (not the Serge Gainsbourg song) he made music for people, but was, usually, unsatisfied by his own production. Two faces...The first one with "Le Telefon" a pure sixties gem, and the other one with"Le Sud", a pure 70's arrengment and a big hit. "Le Telefon" EP came from my Grand Father, this is the reason that the sound is better to hear. But, i found "Le Sud" on a flea market, so popular, that you can hear fire crackles on the way !

I recommand you the full LP called NINO & RADIAH - Le Sud, recorded in 1973 at the Trident Studio in England. One of his best sound...Unfortunatly he commited suicide in August 1998...


Nino Ferrer
Le Telefon [EP-45t]
© 1967 Riviera 231.257 M

Face 1

A1. Le Telefon
A2. Je Cherche Une Petite Fille

Face 2

B1. Madame Robert
B2. Le Millionnaire


Nino Ferrer
Le Sud [45t]
© 1975 CBS 2928

Face 1

A. Le Sud

Face 2

B. The Garden


Be Seing You !

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Le lien ne fonctionne pas...


At 8:08 AM, Blogger number06

A 1 point près entre le dernier trait et le mot "zip" ça ne fonctionnait pas,mais maintenant, Gaston, y a le telefon qui son...

Bonjour Chez Vous !


At 10:40 AM, Blogger space debris

thanks - cool !

I keep picking up copies of Le Sud on fleamarkets here, trying to find a copy that plays clean and loud... The Garden in particular is charming.
Looking forward to hearing the other 45 too.