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They were another great part of the old 4AD « house ». Introduced by The Cocteau Twins in the early 80’s, their music sounds truly like an extented mix of several influences. From rock to pop, from pop to dub, from dub to post-rock, from post-rock to instrumental … a wider range of sounds and melodies. Dif Juz recorded two EPs for 4AD in 1981, « Huremics » and « Vibrating Air » , very rare to find today in their respectives original vinyl forms. But reissued on the 1999 « Soundpool » Compact Disc compilation. In this case, you can listen to the differences between Dif Juz’s original production ( more « rock » ) and Robin Guthrie’s production ( more « Cocteaulized » ) on « Out Of The Trees» compiling these 2 Eps and released in 1986.

But here is a unique mini-LP recorded for an other label than 4AD, it was released on Red Flame in 1983. In my opinion, the best patchwork of Dif Juz faculties, this is a self-production, so a real taste of the band and a good introduction to their music. All tracks are far ahead in time, hard to say what kind of stuff or music style they’re playing here, anyway a great « soundcard » from Dif Juz. Titles like « Channel » or « Tabla Piece » are beautifull & opens the way to others like Cinematic Orchestra or Tortoise. Check out this pretty avant-garde rarity …

Dif Juz
Who Says So ?
© 1983 Red Flame

Side 1 :

01. Roy’s Tray
02. So Shy
03. Song With No Name
04. Tabla Piece

Side 2 :

01. Song With No Name (part 2)
02. Pass It On Charlie
03. Channel
04. The Dub Song

Mini LP recorded & mixed at Starforce 8 track studio
Tracks 4 & 8 mixed by Martin Daley

ripped & encoded in 256 kbps + artwork.
See also into the comments.
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thanx for that link to the zip!
it's fantastic to hear this again after many many years!
however, "swnn" and "pass it on" aren't there as mp3 files, just text files.
would love to hear those tracks as well, but thanx again for the rest.


At 4:02 PM, Blogger number06

Hi !

Try to rename the "text" extension to mp3 like this (.mp3) look the file size too. maybe due to a bad extraction operation. Cause i've not this problem. Or try to download it again. i'll try too ... Thanks for your comment.


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This is the only album I have not from DIF JUZ!


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and chance of getting that file up again? I know I'm running a bit late in the game, but would love to get a hold of The Holy Grail (aside from Time Clock Turn Back)


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oh good lord! I got excited til I followed the link and was told the site was closed! so close!

if anyone has any better ideas, feel free to mail me at



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you have indeed blessed me- thank u!


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My god! Thank you!!!


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Thank you! This a real kindness!


At 2:06 AM, Blogger chuck

Can someone repost a link to the goods? I'm hurting for more Dif Juz. Thanks!