Friday, October 14, 2005


I meet him ( on CD of course ) in 2002 with the All Score Media compilation called "Paramaribo Classics" and i was surprised about his sound work...Brilliant sound and crazy lounge grooves trademarks...the reason, maybe, that All Score Media called this compilation as "the unique sound of Berry Lipman". Yes, it's true...So, after a year, i found this LP on a flea market in Rölzheim (Germany) at the same time than i found "Love is blue"...see before...This LP is made for a Fiesta in the Baleares Islands in the 70's. Very fun, very funny, very jazzy, very cool to listen...There is a mistake on the original A-Side label, BASF called him "Barry Lipman" instead "Berry Lipman". I made the same mistake ! Maybe about my love about John Barry's work...I had a lot of problems with the Artwork, doesn't scan as i hope, but have reached what i wanted, in BMP for the LP labels...All titles are recorded in 192 Kbs + Artwork. Is Quadrophonie working on CD ? Enjoy this in your village...

The world is full of love
© BASF Records 20 22380-9 Ger 1974

Be Seing You !
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Can you please repost the album by
Berry Lipman & His Orchestra called The World Is Full Of Love

If you can use instead of .de then that would be great.

Thank You.