Friday, October 28, 2005
Un petit post donc ( une fois n'est pas coutume ), et en français ( une fois n'est pas coutume non plus ) afin de répondre aux commentaires...A Steff donc...Je vis tout simplement au Village, la capitale administrative de la région Champagne-Ardenne. A Châlons-en-Champagne précisemment, la belle Venise du nord ou j'ai "choisi" de vivre de nombreuses années. Je ne suis absolument pas natif d'ici, mais d'outre-Rhin et rendons à Cézan(n)e ( le peintre aixois ) ce qui est à Sézanne ( le village marnais )...J'ignore cependant ce que peut être un baptême à la champenoise ? A propos Montparnasse 2000, l'ORTF ne produisait pas de musique, mais était bonne cliente de musiques d'illustrations durant les 60's et 70's. Elle passait commande auprès de la plupart des labels d'illustration musicale ( Library Music ) comme Montparnasse 2000 bien sur, mais aussi Telemusic, Chappell, Musique De Wolfe ou encore Theme Music Records pour n'en citer que quelques uns. Ce sont ces musiques là qui ont servis de bandes originales pour des documentaires, reportages et autres génériques d'émissions TV pendant les années 70. Pour plus d'infos sur ce sujet, je recommande vivement d'aller voir l'incontournable SCOPIA.

Bonjour Chez Vous !
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Thursday, October 27, 2005

After a latino journey, i'm back with the very first Montparnasse 2000 "signature", a gatefold sleeve including 2 LP's, with the music of Daniel J. White arranged by Dave Sucky. This is the original illustation music owned by the Official French Television (O.R.T.F) in 1969; i found it on a flea market in the village, 10 meters away from my home ! Unfortunatly the only one i have from Montparnasse 2000...

More famous by the work of Jean Jacques Perrey and Janko Nilovic, Montparnasse 2000 was one of the most prolific Library Music in the french scene in the 70's. The second LP is much pretty than the other one. An exercising of Jazz & Spy music, good & mood atmosphere, something to feed your sampler...

Scratchy are both records, what a campfire around ! I keeped the original sound, i'm just recording without any mastering process. Just use SoundForge 4.5 to slice each tracks. If anyone want to have more Library Music on SOC, let me know...Recorded in 192 Kbs + Artwork.

Daniel J. White (arr: Dave Sucky)
Musique pour...Journal parlé et télévisé
Montparnasse 2000 (MP. 01)

Face A

01. Reflets d'Allemagne
02. Reflets d'Autriche et de Suisse
03. Reflets d'Afrique
04. Reflets d'Amérique du Sud
05. Reflets de Madrid et d'Espagne
06. Reflets d'Europe Centrale
07. Reflets d'Extrême-Orient
08. Reflets des Etats-Unis

Face B

01. Reflets de Paris et de France
02. Reflets de Grande-Bretagne
03. Reflets d'Italie
04. Reflets d'Inde
05. Reflets d'Indonésie
06. Reflets du Moyen-Orient
07. Reflets de Russie
08. Reflets de Scandinavie

Daniel J. White (arr: Dave Sucky)
Musique pour...Journal parlé et télévisé
Montparnasse 2000 (MP. 02)

Face A

01. Kosmos et planètes
02. Mer et profondeur
03. Haute couture et beauté
04. Artistes et modèles
05. Football et rugby
06. Course de vélo
07. Course de vitesse
08. Patinage et régate

Face B

01. Accueil et réception officielle
02. Deuil et douleur
03. Inauguration et fanfare
04. Catastrophe et séisme
05. Victoire et triomphe
06. Guerre et massacre
07. Eglises et sanctuaires
08. Enfants et marionnettes
09. Carillons et clochers

Be Seing You !

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

I was too lazy yesterday to restore a complete LP, so, i had the idea to look after the 7 inch singles that i have (lot of them are from my grand pa, unfortunatly he passed away in 2003 –R.I.P-). I found two 7 inch Extented Play on Capitol Records, the first one by Chuy Reyes & His Orchestra ( mambo at the mocambo ), the second by Arthur Murray & Billy May ( cha cha mambos ). I don't know about the years releases, maybe at the end of the 50's... 2 different files for a mambo party, good work with the scans ( more easy with 7’’ !).
Here are the following tracklistings…
Mambo at the Mocambo (192 Kbs + Artwork)

A-01 oink, oink mambo
A-02 llegaste tarde
B-01 mocambo mambo
B-02 dee gee mambo

cha cha mambos (192 Kbs + Artwork)

A-01 the cha cha cha
A-02 adios
B-01 the peanut vendor
B-02 culiacan
It’s raining today ( not the superb & wonderfull Scott Walker song ) but water appears on my windows, so make it sunny with latino flavors today.

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I can’t upload my files to Rapidshare,

no more accessible from my office (see below).
It’s the first time that’s happened to me since i began this blogspot. The french gvt is still now killing the web culture microbia. Each days, one after the others, i see how we’re censored…Each days, it’s harder to share something with someone…My homework is ready to be send, so be patient, in the next 24 hours, i’ll send it from my homebase.

"A still tongue makes a happy life"

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Friday, October 14, 2005


I meet him ( on CD of course ) in 2002 with the All Score Media compilation called "Paramaribo Classics" and i was surprised about his sound work...Brilliant sound and crazy lounge grooves trademarks...the reason, maybe, that All Score Media called this compilation as "the unique sound of Berry Lipman". Yes, it's true...So, after a year, i found this LP on a flea market in Rölzheim (Germany) at the same time than i found "Love is blue"...see before...This LP is made for a Fiesta in the Baleares Islands in the 70's. Very fun, very funny, very jazzy, very cool to listen...There is a mistake on the original A-Side label, BASF called him "Barry Lipman" instead "Berry Lipman". I made the same mistake ! Maybe about my love about John Barry's work...I had a lot of problems with the Artwork, doesn't scan as i hope, but have reached what i wanted, in BMP for the LP labels...All titles are recorded in 192 Kbs + Artwork. Is Quadrophonie working on CD ? Enjoy this in your village...

The world is full of love
© BASF Records 20 22380-9 Ger 1974

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Thursday, October 13, 2005
I had not enough time yesterday to do my "home" work, usually each wednesday i'm ripping my vinyls for SOC (Sounds Of Champaign). But i had a lot to do with my son & Zidane !!! We were occupied with the national french soccer team, waiting for goals...And Zinedine Zidane was the first to open the way to the next 2006 World Cup in Germany...

A lot to do with my usually work to, the french gvt is waiting about me...But just wait until tomorrow and then you will see a splendid LP of Berry Lipman & His Orchestra.

Here is the answer of a Question...

HAMMOND POPS vol.8 tracklisting

KLAUS WUNDERLICH, Hammond-Orgel, mit Rhytmusgruppe

01.Was soll ich tun – Hello A – Michaela
02.Vergiss die Liebe nicht - es ist so schön bei dir zu sein – Eine neue liebe ist wie ein neues leben
03.Ich suche ein Mädchen – Mama, Papa – Olala l’amour
04.A White shade of Pale –Hideaway – Nur die liebe lässt uns leben
05.Coconuts from Congoville – Eviva Espanà

01.Carnaval in Rio – komm, gib mir deine hand – ich fang’ für euch den sonnenschein
02.Es fährt ein Zug nach Nirgendwo –Song Sung Blue – Geh die Strasse
03.Hab’ Sonne im Herzen – Jeder hat dich gern, einer hat dich lieb - Bingo Bengo
04.Gute nacht, Freunde – Romantische Träume
05.Hello, Mary-Lou –Träume in Samt un Seide – Es ist schwer, dich zu vergessen

Don’t forget, " Questions are a burden to others ; answers, a prison for oneself "…

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Thursday, October 06, 2005

The man with a hammond into his heart, outer limits, outer decades...A lot of fun, through medleys. He's a UFO, of course, but full of hapiness and folk orientated. Taste the sound of Wunderlich Hammond's and enjoy your spacetime parties. Sometimes i could prefer CAN or NEU, but Klaus brings me a lot of " volks " 70's german -all day living- reminescences. He was a folk popster until the end of that world. Here it is, a full Hammond Pops, volume 8, with a beautiful LP cover, nice, isn't it ?

Thanks to mrdantefontana (@ PCL LinkDump)
& MarcoDisco for their support,
"Hear" you later for another Hammond Pops shows...

Klaus Wunderlich : Hammond Pops vol.8
(© 1972 Telefunken SLE-14 675-P Ger)
[192 Kb & incl. artwork, each tracks are separate]

Seite 1 / Seite 2

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