Sunday, October 29, 2006

Here’s the original LP issued in 1990 by the U.S Father Yod label. Not my fave but at this time, a significant testimony of Spacemen’s 3 debut career. Hopefully reissued by Bomp records on Compact Disc - with a different tracklisting order - and added with bonuses, because, the vinyl issue is not from best quality. A clean vinyl but a bad press. Obviously, any Spacemen fan can’t avoid this one, an unbelievable crossover from The Velvet Underground to The MC5, a large part of hypnotic blues played with dirty noises. Of course, the alternatives complements for this record are «Taking Drugs to Make Music to Take Drugs To» on Compact Disc reissued by Space Age Recordings (Sonic Boom’s own label) and «For All The Fucked Up Children Of This World We Give You Spacemen 3 » on Sympathy For The Record Industry. So, just hope you enjoy this one in spite of low vinyl quality. But what a cover artwork ! More Spacemen 3 rares if wanted in the future …

Spacemen 3
Taking Drugs to Make Music to Take Drugs To
© 1990 Father Yod FYP-L25

Side A :

A1 2.35
A2 Mary-Anne
A3 Sound Of Confusion
A4 Losing Touch With My Mind

Side B :

B1 A-Men
B2 That's Just Fine
B3 Come Down Easy

ripped & encoded in 256 kbps + artwork.
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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

They were another great part of the old 4AD « house ». Introduced by The Cocteau Twins in the early 80’s, their music sounds truly like an extented mix of several influences. From rock to pop, from pop to dub, from dub to post-rock, from post-rock to instrumental … a wider range of sounds and melodies. Dif Juz recorded two EPs for 4AD in 1981, « Huremics » and « Vibrating Air » , very rare to find today in their respectives original vinyl forms. But reissued on the 1999 « Soundpool » Compact Disc compilation. In this case, you can listen to the differences between Dif Juz’s original production ( more « rock » ) and Robin Guthrie’s production ( more « Cocteaulized » ) on « Out Of The Trees» compiling these 2 Eps and released in 1986.

But here is a unique mini-LP recorded for an other label than 4AD, it was released on Red Flame in 1983. In my opinion, the best patchwork of Dif Juz faculties, this is a self-production, so a real taste of the band and a good introduction to their music. All tracks are far ahead in time, hard to say what kind of stuff or music style they’re playing here, anyway a great « soundcard » from Dif Juz. Titles like « Channel » or « Tabla Piece » are beautifull & opens the way to others like Cinematic Orchestra or Tortoise. Check out this pretty avant-garde rarity …

Dif Juz
Who Says So ?
© 1983 Red Flame

Side 1 :

01. Roy’s Tray
02. So Shy
03. Song With No Name
04. Tabla Piece

Side 2 :

01. Song With No Name (part 2)
02. Pass It On Charlie
03. Channel
04. The Dub Song

Mini LP recorded & mixed at Starforce 8 track studio
Tracks 4 & 8 mixed by Martin Daley

ripped & encoded in 256 kbps + artwork.
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Thursday, October 12, 2006

So, here we are. And here are the youg men from the 80’s. I came on the idea to share some records from this period (1980-1990). At this time i was a lot involved in purchasing wave’s & indie records. As teenager i was convainced by bands like Cure, Joy Division, Bauhaus … Everything what was on 4AD or Factory … No cd’s avalaible during this decade, just a few at the end of the 80’s with bonus tracks that not appears on vinyl issues … Just to « promote » this new « media ». So, i’ve decided to reactivate the original Sounds Of Champaign blogspot’s and to change it to Wave’s Of Champaign cause the new musical way & direction that i’ll be delivered here. I’ll try to share rare & collectable vinyls from that period, sometimes very expensive to buy today. Maybe cd’s sometimes, when not easy avalaible … I just want « promote » records from the 80’s, as i was a teenager, also to say that the 80’s were not only a bad musical decade as many people thought !

Presage(s) is the first « compilation » recorded by 4AD in 1980, a 12 inch featuring the few bands hosted by the label. As i was ripping this, i listened to Modern English’s « home » title (the best track on this comp in my opinion) and thought : oh ! it’s an other version, so slow ! ! but i played the vinyl since Side One at 33rpm, and haven’t realize that usually it runs at 45rpm ! ! …So, a bizarre mix of punk, rock, noises and «valuables » voices ! Not the best from 4AD, but an undubitous curiosity , just for the anecdote …

Various Artists : Presage(s)
© 1980 4AD - bad11

Side 1 :

01. Psychotik Tanks - security idiots
02. The Last Dance - malignant love
03. C.V.O - sargaso sea

Side 2 :

01. Psychotik Tanks - let’s have a party
02. Modern English - home
03. Spasmodic Caress - hit the dead
04. Red Atkins - hunk of the punk

ripped in 256 kbps + artwork
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