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Another big one with and from Geoff Love, This man produced Shirley Bassey and a lot of other artists. This LP came from a friend, in my work place, he bought it in England at the right time...Two hits that you can't miss, the first one "Airport 75" a really good cover from J. Cacavas and "Three days of the Condor" a famous soundtrack from Dave Grusin. He made a lot of records - sometime inequal - but always devoted to the re-orchestration of popular waves...

Geoff Love
born on. 4 September 1917, Todmorden, Yorkshire, England,
died on. 8 July 1991, London, England.

"Love was a musical director, arranger, composer and one of the UK’s most popular easy-listening music personalities. His father, Kid Love, was World Champion sand dancer, and came to the UK from the USA. Geoff Love learned to play the trombone in his local brass band and made his first broadcast in 1937 on Radio Normandy. He moved to the south of England, and played with violinist Jan Ralfini’s Dance Orchestra in London and with the Alan Green Band in Hastings. After six years in the army during World War II, he joined Harry Gold’s Pieces Of Eight in 1946, and stayed with them until 1949, providing the vocal on their successful record, ‘Blue Ribbon Gal’. In 1955, Love formed his own band for the television show On The Town, and soon afterwards started recording for EMI/Columbia with His Orchestra and Concert Orchestra. He had his first hit in 1958, with a cover-version of Perez Prado’s cha-cha-cha ‘Patricia’, and made several albums including Enchanted Evenings, Our Very Own and Thanks For The Memory (Academy Award Winning Songs). In 1959, Love started to release some recordings under the pseudonym, Manuel And His Music Of The Mountains, which proved be immensly successful. Besides his own orchestral records, Love provided the accompaniment and arrangements on record, and in concert, for many popular artists such as Connie Francis, Russ Conway, Paul Robeson, Judy Garland, Frankie Vaughan, Johnny Mathis, Des O’Connor, Ken Dodd, Marlene Dietrich and Gracie Fields. In the 70s, he formed yet another group, Billy’s Banjo Band, later known as Geoff Love’s Banjo Band, while still having hits under his own name with Big War Themes, Big Western Movie Themes and Big Love Movie Themes. He also capitalized on the late ‘70s dance fad with several volumes of Geoff Love’s Big Disco Sound, while retaining his more conservative image with Waltzes With Love and Tangos With Love. He was consistently popular on radio, and on television, where, besides conducting the orchestra, he was especially effective as a comic foil to Max Bygraves on his Singalongamax, and similar series. Love’s compositions range from the Latin-styled ‘La Rosa Negra’ to the theme for the hit television situation comedy, Bless This House. His prolific album output included mostly film or television themes."

(c) Guiness Encyclopedia of Popular Music, Guinness Publishing Ltd 1995. No breach of copyright intended.

Geoff Love & His Orchestra
Big Terror Movie Themes
© 1976 Music For Pleasure Ltd.

Side One

01. Jaws
02. Poseidon Adventure
03. Tubular Bells
04. Bach Toccata in D Minor
05. Psycho
06. The Eiger Sanction

Side Two

01. Earthquake
02. Airport 75
03. The Towering Inferno
04. Three Days Of The Condor
05. The Executioner
06. Death Wish

Be Seing You !
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At 4:33 AM, Anonymous Bibi

Merci pour les musiques :)


At 5:37 PM, Blogger smithee

jolie perle cet album .


At 12:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

Merci, merci, merci !!!!

Cet album a bercé mon enfance, ma soeur me l'avait acheté lors d'un séjour à Londres. Je l'ai écouté en boucle pendant des années et puis...je ne sais pas ce qu'il est devenu. je l'ai recherché régulièrement sur Internet et, là, je n'en crois pas mes oreilles !



At 9:24 PM, Anonymous maxijazz

Sceary that sort of music.


At 4:17 PM, Anonymous fred ton collègue de "travail"

et quand est ce que tu me le rends mon album ?

ralalalalalala !


At 1:48 AM, Anonymous Happenstance

Oh, would it be rude of me to beg for a re-up of this album? Please and thank you!


At 6:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

it's a great album,someone can re-up,thanks in advance.